Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Our Customer Gallery

Alan & Rose Taylor, Kath & Boys Alfie & Toby (Stockton Heath, Warrington)

 Alan & Rose have been receiving weekly shopping deliveries for the past six years. 'Being disabled we require a company who are dependable and would take time to put all our shopping away in our fridge, freezer and cupboards. Q.H.F have proved to be a very reliable, trustworthy and friendly company who have really made a difference in our lives supplying everything from food, groceries, pet food to stationary'.


Retired Priest Peter Morris (St. Helens)

Peter has been a loyal customer of Q.H.F for over six years, taking a regular fortnightly delivery of food and groceries. 'I would recommend Q.H.F as a very reliable and trustworthy company who have given me excellent service over the past years'.

John Mason (Lymm, Chesire)

'I've had regular monthly deliveries of meals and groceries from Q.H.F since 2008. During this time I have had no worries regarding my shopping requirements as Q.H.F have given me such good service and quality over the past years. They have helped me stay independent in my own home, as I have visually impaired sight'.

Mr. Austin Tighe  (Warrington)

'I have had a weekly delivery of food and groceries from Q.H.F and have been a satisfied customer since 2004. Their quality, service and reliability have given me complete peace of mind and the independence of not having to worry about my shopping needs'.

Kathleen Rigley (Knotty Ash, Liverpool)

'I started using Q.H.F for my shopping needs since becoming housebound four years ago. They put all my shopping away for me and always take time and care when delivering. I would recommend Q.H.F as a company you can depend on who have given me excellent friendly service over this past four years'.